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Jan's First Blog #1

Posted - 17th July - Jan Sumsion - Imagine Fashion

Well Here Goes Nothing!


Jan here, Director of Imagine Fashion. my 20 year old son had told me I should think about writing a blog for our business and I honestly have no idea how to write one.


After a first draft he told me that it can not be stressful for me or you the reader will feel the stresses as well and not enjoy reading my blog!

To Be Honest

To be honest... Who's not stressed during this crazy Covid time.


Just thinking about the unknown, finance, jobs, mortgages, health and other day to day activities that we used to take for granted so many times as I would usually polish off a sweet biscuit or chocy.

So Far So Good,

No Stress

What Is My Lable?

Lavanda Top

SKU: 6IM71281CR

If your like me and have beautiful curves (or so my husband lovingly tells me) and are becoming more beautiful. Don't worry.


My fashion label "IF" wont let all your secrets out. Our one size concept will allow you to grow "a little" and no one will notice. But of coarse look after yourself, love yourself and don't beat yourself up about a kilo or 2.


IF will make you feel, chic, confident and comfortable until we can get ourselves back in control. Good luck!


Written by Jan Sumsion


Imagine Fashion

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