Our New Summer Colours!

Written by Sam


Posted on October 27 2021

Have you seen the new range yet? No!?

 Well, let me tell you about our brand new colours that are absolutely to die for.
Each colour of the new range has been months in the making. Jan spends weeks on weeks testing new colours on different styles while getting feedback from her employees on which colours best suit the new styles and upcoming trends of the season.

Our new Harmony (Pink Variant) and Cinnamon (Brown Variant) have proven themselves selling out in many styles quickly becoming best sellers in some of our famous designs like our Addison Pants and Jade Pants.
The new colours are mostly used on our new garments that have been made using our superb Italian Linens.

Jan has chosen these two colours to perfectly represent the more natural feel she has decided to push through the new range. The soft blush of the harmony provides that touch of femininity without overpowering any other colour your wanting to wear.

Where the Cinnamon stays grounded to those natural earthy colours which always match any other natural tones of white, cream, taupe or earth.

Come view the new arrivals of our Summer range and find out what garments are available in a brand new colours.