How to Dress Like The 80s With Normal Clothes

How to Dress Like The 80s With Normal Clothes

80s fashion is recognisable for chunky jewellery, bright colours, misshapen patterns, and dramatic shoulder pads. 

If you're trying to mimic some of those same looks with the clothes of today, you might find it a challenge. But with a bit of imagination and a touch of creativity, it shouldn't take too long to create an 80s masterpiece with everyday clothing.

How To Dress Like The 80s With Normal Clothes 

So, you want to know how to dress like the 80s with normal clothes. More specifically, how to dress 80s with normal clothes woman? You can take inspiration from much of the 1980s ladies fashion, but you can also incorporate some of the most popular pieces in men's fashion to mix up your look and create an 80s explosion. 

How To Craft Your Unique 80s Outfit 

First, look for classic 80s outfit inspo. You might be surprised by how many 80s-inspired pieces are available from your favourite clothing stores. 

It's all about nailing the details, whether you choose to sport chunky bracelets and multiple necklaces or you want to nail the oversized blazer and leg warmers. Pay attention to those little pieces that contribute to pulling an outfit together, and you can rock 80s effortlessly every day of the week without buying a brand new wardrobe. 

Tips For Nailing The 80s Look 

Before you panic and search for articles on how to dress 80s with normal clothes female, you'll find everything you need to know about captures 80s fashion dress right here, from 80's outfit inspiration to the perfect pieces to finish your looks. 

Jeans: Ripped and Faded 

A great pair of jeans will always hit the mark, no matter what decade or era we're in. During the 80s, the big look for jeans was acid-washed and ripped. The good news is you can create both effects with any pair of jeans! 

Denim on denim was also a popular look; don't be afraid to wear a jean jacket with your freshly ripped and acid-washed jeans. 

Go Brighter 

Bright colours were everything in the 80s, so you can harness the power of neon and bright colours to recreate that look. Think hot pink, neon yellow, bright green, and electric blue and if you can put them all together, even better! Patterns were also all the rage during the 80s; the more out there you can find, the closer to realistic it likely is. 

Oversized Blazers and Trenchcoats 

Outerwear was the big thing in the 1980s, and there are different ways to take it. If you're not feeling the jean jacket, or you're looking for something a little different – you can instead opt for a trench coat or an oversized blazer. Of course, they're not typically suitable for the same occasions, but they are versatile pieces you can use to create different outfit options; it might be worth investing in both. 

Leg Warming and Beyond 

Perhaps one of the most memorable styles from the 1980s was the leg-warming explosion. Sure, you can pair leg warmers with jeans if you really want, but if you want to do it proper 80s style, invest in some leggings or yoga pants to create the look you're really going for. 

Animal Prints 

The beauty of animal prints is they linger through every fashion era and every decade. You might not think it, but they're a classic option. More importantly, you can easily embrace animal prints to create an 80s style, whether you're looking for 80s fashion dresses or accessories. 


If you're passionate about a specific era or decade, you can easily achieve the look you want with a bit of creativity and a spot of retail therapy. Embrace bold and bright colours, indulge your love of costume jewellery, and by all means – don't be afraid to finish the look by teasing your hair for just one night. 

Right now, your focus might be on finding casual womens 80s style outfits, but don't underestimate the staying power of classic pieces you can incorporate in any fashion era. An oversized blazer or animal print might scream 80s clothing style woman today when you pair it with other core 80s pieces, but tomorrow, it could say early naughties if you want to mix things up. It's all about learning how to pull different pieces together to create the style you want. 

Whether you have an 80s-themed party to go to or you're trying to reignite the eighties dress styles, outfit in 80's were bold and daring. 80's women's style is easy to replicate in a range of different ways and for just about any occasion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to an 80s party? 

You can opt for an athleisure look with bright colours, leg warmers and a leotard, or you can embrace a more chic outfit with faded, ripped jeans and oversized blazers finished with a pair of 80s-chic trainers. 

How do you make an 80s outfit look? 

Use your imagination! There are a few core principles that 80s fashion rested on and as long as you incorporate a couple of these looks, you will easily pull together an incredible look for any occasion. 

What did normal people wear in the 80s? 

A bit like today, 1980s women fashion varied wildly. Some people were excited to lean into the colourful patterns of athleisure while others opted for more black chic looks with leathers, lace, oversized blazers, ripped jeans, and sneakers seen in popular movies like Pretty in Pink and 16 Candles. There are plenty of directions you can take while honouring 80's inspired looks.