Who We Are

Founded in 2012 and working from home, Jan and Rod were the sole distributors for a brand of clothing "Made In Italy". Unfortunately with the Euro heading South they were forced to look at Italy to manufacture their own brand.

As expected, an exciting time for Jan and a stressful one for Rod. Their initial launch was a dismal failure with sizing being their downfall.

The Beginning

Twice Rod had told Jan that she could roll the dice one more time but after changing agents and getting their own office and team in Italy, Imagine Fashion became a much loved and respected label.

While many styles are Jan's own design. Jan also works with designers in their Italian Factories. Designed to fit the real woman, Jan and Rod's goal is to bring life to an elegant, fashionable and affordable range of clothing loved by so many Australian and New Zealand women.


"Remember you always have one more roll of the dice"

~ Jan Sumsion

Jan always asks her employees to help our customers in any way possible and to do our best to bring their dreams to life. While designing her garments, Jan always strives to include hues of natural pinks, greys, greens and soft washed colours finding this look best represents our style.

The Team

Imagine Fashion employs 26 fabulous local women and men that work hard to always deliver excellent customer service, something Rod and Jan have always felt is what really set us apart from any competitor. The team all work together from our fabulous retail staff to our amazing warehouse and office staff, making sure the customer experience is the best it can be.

"Your Little Piece Of Italy"

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