Fashion Tips on How to Dress for Winter!

How To Dress For Winter Blog

Here Are Some Fashion Tips to Dress for the Cold Weather

Whether you love or hate it, Winter can be one of the most influential fashion seasons of the year. But don't fear we are here to give you some hot tips for the cold season.


1. Stay Dark: Keeping your Winter wardrobe flush with darker and more subtle tones is key to staying on-trend. Blacks, Greys, and browns are always a safe bet when wanting to fit the weather's mood. That being said if you want to keep things a little lighter you can! Just be sure to keep your colours to a natural template like Taupe, Blush, and White!


2. Layer Up: Nothing is more fashionable than someone that knows how to put some pieces together! Find yourself a warm top (preferably something light in colour) and long pair of pants (preferably something dark) to begin. Something light preferably. Then follow it up with a jacket, jumper, or pullover to complete the look!


3. The Right Material: Choosing the right material in the Winter months can be a make or break for not only your own comfort but also the type of look you're going after. cotton however comfortable retains water may not be enough to keep you totally warm if you find yourself outside. So keep an eye out for Linen which when layered will ensure you stay warm and cozy all winter long. Keeping you comfortable, warm, and looking good all season.


4. Time to Accessorise: Using accessories in the colder Winter months is an absolute must. Find yourself a pair of gloves, scarves, hats, or even wraps to truly complete your look. You may be daunted by the fact that you're unsure if that accessory you're considering buying may not go with the clothing you have in your wardrobe but if you can find a company like Imagine Fashion that offers free returns there is no stress in going through a couple purchases to find that one accessory that goes with absolutely everything!


5. Texture Is Everything: Sometimes people fall into the trap of thinking all you need is a basic coat, top, and pair of pants to look stylish in Winter. Well, let me tell you how wrong that is! Play around with different textures! You can find all different types of textures in all different types of materials. Try something open weaved over a think top or a viscose material top underneath a linen/cotton blend jacket! The styling possibilities are endless.


6. Make Or Break Shoes: "A woman's best friend". Matching your new outfit to an amazing pair of shoes can make or break an outfit's look. So choose carefully, if you have a pair of heels feel free to dress your winter look up but if you're like the majority and can no longer bring yourself to wear them a pair of white sneakers or natural, black, or brown boots will also look absolutely stunning.


 7. Dress Up: Don't be afraid to dress up! Show off some bling, get your best pair of shoes, wear something that will make you stand out of the crowd! Winter is the time to show off your best pieces that a big, exciting, and almost outrageous to wear any other time of the year! Enjoy it and show it all off because you only live once so you have to enjoy every season... Even the cold ones!