Fashion: Expectations vs. Reality

Italian Fashion Online And In-Store

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I'm sure we have all experienced it and if you haven't you must be one of the lucky few. Purchasing a product or garment online can always be daunting as all the little scepticism come to the forefront of your mind on whether the product will actually look like how its pictured or even if you will receive the product your actually looking at on your screen.


Speaking from experience when I ordered a ring online only to receive something that would be lucky to fit over a babies little finger then going through the frustrating and time consuming process of getting a returns process in order. Makes me not want to order anything online ever again.


Here at Imagine Fashion we dedicated ourselves to making our customers experiences as easy and stress free as possible. Unlike some other websites like Wish and Alibaba where your product is coming directly from a huge warehouse straight out of China, Imagine Fashion imports its products direct from Italy and held here in Australia where a number of samples are taken from every delivery before its stocked and available to you (the customer)!

This process although takes a bit longer than usual for us to begin selling the product, gives us the satisfaction of knowing that we are providing yourself with the best product with 100% transparency and if you receive the product and not 100% happy with it we will take it right back through our easy returns process!


The idea that ordering online is a risk makes us unhappy. We want our online customers to be looked after just as much as our customers that come in store! So we understand the hesitation but if you give Imagine Fashion a chance to shine we can guarantee we can turn your fear of online shopping into a new obsession.

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